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About My Resources

The Happy Trainee Pack: a 30+ page PDF guide on what to do on induction day, first day, handy hints and tips, treatment set ups, descriptions, decon, charting and much more. Print it and give it to your trainee on their induction day. This guide is in PDF format and can’t be altered. For the one-off payment of £15, you can print it again and again in your practice to use for all future trainees and mentors.

Infection Control Checklist – For use in the decon room. A word document with all the necessary daily checks pre filled, but you can alter it you suit your practice and equipment. For example you may not have a washer disinfector, or you may have a unique DUWL cleaning system. As we all know, HTM01-05 is the bible BUT manufacturers guidelines will overrule so it is essential that your checklists keep up with the equipment you have. This resource is £5 and has an option to be customised with your practise logo if you so wish.

First Aid Pack – A 7 page pack containing pre-filled editable checklists for First Aid and Medical Emergencies covering your First Aid box, emergency drugs, emergency equipment and oxygen maintenance. The first page is an advice sheet containing helpful step by step advice and tips on how to be compliant. Also includes a Risk Assessment template with a few pre filled examples to help you, and and Accident log sheet.

Autoclave Logbook – A 3 page resource containing an advice sheet, an editable logbook page and an editable TST strip log. The editable logbook page is prefilled with all the required tests and checks for your autoclave; however you can edit it to suit your autoclave if needed (follow manufacturers guidelines for your autoclave). Purchase once and print the required amount of pages and place them in a folder to form your logbook. Available for £5.

Ultrasonic Logbook –A two page resource containing the ultrasonic logbook page and foil test page. You can edit this if necessary to suit your practice (follow manufacturers guidelines for your equipment). Print as many pages as needed and place in a folder to form your logbook. Available for £5.

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